About Anna-Maria  

Self-portrait from project “A personal visual diary of motherhood” (2022)

Anna-Maria Vaskovskaja (b. 1992) is a Russian-Estonian photographer. She graduated from the photography department at Pallas University of Applied Sciences, where she was introduced to the fundamental principles and techniques of this art form. During her studies, she had the privilege of furthering her knowledge at Escola superior Artistica do Porto, located in the city of Porto, Portugal (2014-2017). 


2024 “The Body” group exhibition, gallery Seek, Tallinn, Estonia
2017 “Ophelia Syndrome” group exhibition, gallery Noorus, Tartu, Estonia
2015 “Silver Thoughts” personal exhibition, gallery Duas de Letra, Porto, Portugal
2015 “Postcards from Portugal” personal exhibition, Kivi bar, Tartu, Estonia
2014 “White Nude” personal exhibition, Vein ja Vine, Tartu, Estonia
2014 “Polyground” group exhibition, Cultural Factory Polymer, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 “Darkslide” personal exhibition, Tartu, Estonia
2012 Pallas christmas group exhibition, gallery Noorus, Tartu, Estonia