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Anna-Maria is a photographer who strives to bring out the true essence of her subjects and preserve it for years to come. She believes that analog photography allows for a slowed-down, immersive creative process, creating images that are both technically exquisite and emotionally stirring, imbued with depth and character.


180€/15 b&w scanned images
200€/15 colour scanned images
290€/30 b&w and colour scanned images

* in Tallinn

Home studio

245€/10-15 b&w or colour scanned images
360€/20-30 b&w and colour scanned images

* in or near Tallinn

In your environment

225€/15 b&w or colour scanned images
325€/30 b&w and colour scanned images
* in or near Tallinn

* the cost may vary depending on the distance from Tallinn and the size of the group.

The number of images varies depending on the camera that is in use.

Anna-Maria is pleased to offer clients the option of enlarging their images into a black and white gelatine print for an additional fee. This process creates a stunning, high-quality print that beautifully showcases the unique qualities of each image.

Clients are encouraged to share their ideas and requests with Anna-Maria directly to create personalized solutions that fit their budget.

While she has a strong preference for film, Anna-Maria also has a wealth of experience with digital photography that can be used either exclusively or in combination with analog techniques.